Moving and Packing Services

Let us pack your things and even provide the moving boxes!

Packing and unpacking your house or apartment is often the most dreaded part of any move. Many customers do not have the time or energy to find boxes, packing paper, tape, markers and all the other necessary supplies. Trying to fit all those large boxes in your car and get them home can be quite a hassle in and of itself!

In Cincinnati we offer packing services that will take that worry away.

Our Full Service Packing/Unpacking is one single price to pack, move and unpack everything in your home. Our quote includes boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, markers and other basic packing materials.

The Importance of Proper Packing and Loading

Packing items properly is significant for a variety of reasons, the two most important are to protect your items and also to ensure your moving truck is loaded properly! Properly packing and labeling all boxes during your move is essential. Items can be damaged if not packed properly, and loading the truck correctly will ensure the load doesn’t shift during transit.

Call us today for a free packing estimate and take ALL of the worry out of your next move!

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