Budget Truck Loading and Unloading Labor

If you are renting a Budget Truck to move, we should be your first call.

We load and unload hundreds of Budget trucks. In Cincinnati we offer a professional and fully licensed moving labor service. That means we are your best choice for moving help with your Budget moving truck!

If you need professional moving help to load or unload your Budget Truck outside Cincinnati, we suggest you check out Elite Moving Labor.

Here is some more information about Budget Trucks that you would rent for your typical household move.

– Budget trucks come in a few length / size options
– Double check to make sure your truck has a ramp
– The larger trucks have ramps which make loading much easier and faster
– If you have a really big items to move like a gun safe you can ask for a truck with a lift gate
– They offers both local and long distance moving rentals

Our hourly rate for moving labor starts when our crew arrives at your home or business. You may schedule your service online or call our office for help!

NO Charge for travel time to and from our office
NO Extra charge for real insurance
NO Flat Screen TV fee
NO Elevator Fee
NO Stairs Fee
No Carrying Fees

We provide all of the necessary supplies and let you know of additional supplies that may be helpful in protecting your items and ensuring a smooth move.  We ask that you simply let us know your inventory as well as any large items such as appliances, pianos, safes, etc.

Ready to work with the best moving company in town? Just call in and one of our associates will be waiting to assist!