Tips for moving in the Winter

We have been fairly busy for this time of year and even with the snow it isn’t that bad to be a  mover in Cincinnati. We just want to remind people of a few things they should do if they are moving in the snow.

  1. Shovel walkways and then brush them clean with a broom. A lot of people try to back up their trucks to a garage door. That doesn’t work because the height of the truck makes the ramp to high to walk up without hitting your head on the garage ceiling. It also makes it to high to carry anything big up. There is no way of getting around the work of removing your snow. Also make sure you have salt for the walkways or anywhere people will be walking because they do get icy.
  2. Protecting your floors. There is no good way to do this. Water just rolls off the edge of the sticky plastic rolls and the red paper tears easily. We have other options, just call our office and ask.
  3. Make sure you move all your houseplants in your car. Putting them in the truck, even for a few hours can kill them when it is really cold.
  4. Wine should be moved in a warm vehicle, and kept out of freezing temperatures.  Remember wine should be kept at about 55 degrees.  Anything less than that will affect the taste and value of your wine.
  5. Make sure you have a good doormat or a few towels for your movers to wipe their feet. Smart movers never remove their shoes, it is not only unsafe but it is an OSHA law.
  6. If it is actively snowing while you move, keep a broom handy and sweep the walks before the snow has a chance to collect.
  7. Make sure your heat system works before you move in. You don’t want to show up on moving day and have to worry about finding a HVAC repair company in the middle of your move.
  8. Get some bottled water and leave it at room temperature. As movers we don’t want hot water but when its cold we don’t want cold water either. We appreciate it when the customers do little things like that.

Keep safety in mind and ask us if you have any questions,  we will be able to help you make the right decisions when moving this winter.