Why Real Employees are important for Real Movers

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is that our real movers are real employees. What does that mean?

Some moving companies hire subcontractors to staff their moving crews. That is the cheapest way because then no one has to pay taxes, unemployment insurance or workers compensation. If a mover is getting paid $10/hr and no one is paying his benefits, that makes them cheaper.

Here are the problems with hiring subcontractors to be movers:

  1. If anything is broken or stolen, the company is not responsible for the actions of a subcontractor. That means you have to go after a guy making $10/hr instead of the moving company.
  2. If a subcontractor is injured while moving you he has no insurance coverage and instead sues the the customer.
  3. While nobody likes taxes, it is our duty to be honest and pay them. With subcontractors there is no way to know they are paying their fair share.
  4. Subcontractors have no unemployment benefits so when the moving business is slow the may fall back on public assistance paid for by the rest of us.
On a positive note, here are the reasons to pay a little more but hire real movers with real employees:
  1. Employees normally last longer. Some of our employees have been with us for years. As a company we make a commitment to an employee and they do the same for us.
  2. Employees are normally paid better, treated better, and work better.
  3. Employees are our problem not yours. If one of our employees gets hired or can’t work, we pay for it, not you.
If you read the Better Business Bureau websites and Google Ratings you will see complaints against companies that try to be cheap and aren’t always honest with their customers. The State of Ohio requires a company to post their certificate for Workmen’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance. Ours is posted on the wall in our office and we welcome anyone who needs movers to come in and see us.
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