Why it is important to hire Licensed Movers in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is a great city but anyone living here will tell you, we have our issues. Because of local and state budget cuts, enforcement of some laws and regulations have become lax. In our area this has led to a HUGE increase in the number of cheap, illegal movers.

In the state of Ohio real movers are required to be licensed and insured. 85% of moving scams are done by cheap movers that do not have a license. Common issues that people have with cheap movers are injuries, theft and lawsuits. If you hire an unlicensed mover you are 6x more likely to file a complaint about their moving service or even worse, get scammed.

The state of Ohio requires every moving company to have a “Household Goods Carrier License”. It is issued by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Before a Cincinnati mover can get a license they have to pass background checks, provide proof of insurance, show their workers compensation certificate, pass truck inspections and more. The state puts a LOT of work into making sure a licensed mover is a safe mover.

This may not sound important but before you hire those cheap movers, think about what your family and your belongings are worth. If they were everything they claimed to be, why aren’t they obeying the law and getting licensed?

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