What To Do When It Snows On Moving Day

Snow happens. When you plan your move around one day in the middle of winter you should have a plan for what to do if it snows. Here are a few tips about how you can move when its snowing.
  • Call your movers to make sure they’re coming. If there is a snow emergency it may be illegal for them to be on the road
  • Shovel your driveway and salt it well the before the movers arrive. This means shoveling more than just a path!
  • Shovel and salt any walkways and stairs
  • Ask you movers about shrink wrapping your furniture or providing mattress boxes. Mattress bags are not very useful because they tear easily, ask about mattress boxes.
  • Provide floor runners or ask your mover to. This may cost you extra because they are very expensive. It is worth the expensive to keep the snow, salt and grime off your floors
  • Offer room temperature water. Even when its cold we work up a sweat but cold water just makes us colder.
  • Trim any tree branches that may hang low because of snow or ice. Make sure the truck can back all the way into your driveway.
  • If street plowing has blocked your driveway call your movers ASAP!
  • Don’t forget to check all the same things at your new home!
Winter makes moving harder and needs extra preparation. No one wants to cancel a move because your home is not ready or even dangerous.
We don’t charge a fee to reschedule a move for better weather but with a little extra effort, most problems can be avoided!
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