What is a Moving Labor Service?

The simplest definition of a moving labor service is a moving company that provides real movers to load a truck, storage space or mobile storage unit that the customer rents.

Really it is a lot more than that. A moving labor service has the same experience, equipment and insurance as the movers you think of or see on TV and in the movies. The difference is they help you move your home in a much more economical way than a traditional moving company.

You see, most states require a company that owns a moving truck to have at least $1,000,000,000 liability insurance. The cost of a moving company breaking a belonging is relatively minimal, maybe a couple thousand dollars if they are moving an antique or very large TV. Their liability really increases when they pull their large truck onto the road and are driving it to your home. Not because of its contents but because of the cost of them being in an accident and potentially hurting someone else.

Of course that liability costs the moving company a lot of money and to be profitable, they pass the costs on to you. They also have the added cost of maintenance for their trucks, insurance and paying this even when they are sitting during slow times. Then they have to pay their movers to drive the truck to you, all over Cincinnati and back to their warehouse.

A moving labor company doesn’t have those expenses because you provide the truck. As a consumer renting a truck from Penske Truck Rental or providing a storage unit from UNITS Mobile Storage, you have removed that cost and liability from the equation. As a company our costs are approximately half that of a traditional moving company.

But do you get the same quality? YES!

A moving labor company that has been certified by the American Moving Labor Professionals Association is a moving labor company that meets certain standards and has proven they have proper insurance, licensing and credentials. The AMLPA also check reviews and other consumer information to make sure that a direputable company cannot join.

Many people in these harder economic times are turning to “do it yourself’ moving” because the thousands of dollars they would pay to a traditional moving company are simply not in the budget. Our moving labor company provides affordable moving help to anyone moving in Cincinnati and the surrounding area.

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