What Federal and State Licensing do you have.

What state and federal licensing do you have?

We are a licensed business in the state of Ohio. We have both am EIN and a Dunn-Bradsteet number.

At the time of this writing neither the federal government nor the states of Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio provide a way for moving labor services to have licenses or registration numbers. The state of Ohio requires a moving company to have a commercial vehicle to assign a license number. As our company does not own any moving trucks, the state of Ohio does not allow us to have a PUCO number.

We do hope that state laws will soon change and set standards for moving labor services. This would help us to differentiate our quality and commitment from that of cheap or part time services.

Update: Since originally posting this the American Moving Labor Professionals Association has been started and now has a program for the verification of insurance and other licensing. They are a non profit organization that offers a free membership.

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