Video Moving Tip – Moving Lamps and Light Fixtures

As Cincinnati’s #1 Moving Company, we want to share our experience with our customers so that they can have the very best move possible.

Today’s moving tip is all about moving lamps and light fixtures. Getting a lamp or light fixture ready to move is pretty simple.

Step 1: First remove any any lapshades and box them.
Step 2: Because a moving truck is constantly vibrating light bulbs can easily come loose and shatter from those vibrations. Remove any light bulbs from all your lamps. Also make sure to check entertainment centers, cabinets or any other furniture that might have a light bulb.
Step 3: and other items to prevent shattering during your move. What most customers don’t know is that the inside of a moving truck is constantly vibrating.
Step 4: If you are moving a floor lamp, take it apart. Many tall lamps have sections that come apart to make them easier to move. If you leave a floor lamp as one long piece it is more likely to be bent or broken.
Step 5: Wrap any cords around the base and tape the ends so they don’t come loose or get tangled.

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