Use up that leftover bubble wrap

There is only one person in this world who loves bubble wrap more than our boss does. That would be my 7 year old son.

Of course with a little bit of imagination you can come up with more uses for bubble wrap than protecting your china or amusing a child. Here are a few different ideas for you and your leftover bubble wrap.

  1. Protecting plants – You can wey a paper towel and wrap it around the stem and roots of plants, then use bubble wrap to protect the plant and hold in the moisture.
  2. Camping – If you plan to rough it in the woods, make your sleeping on the ground a bit more bearable by placing your sleeping bag on top of a sheet of bubble wrap. 
  3. Storing broken glass – When you break a glass it may shatter into a thousand pieces. Bubble wrap can hold the pieces until you can find a sturdy trash can to throw them in.
  4. Toolbox lining – Putting bubble wrap in your tool box will keep your tools from banging around and being so loud. It also helps to reduce scratches and rust on your tools.
  5. Decoration. Because of its unique raised texture, bubble wrap can be used to paint rooms. Simply dip the desired length and shape of bubble wrap into paint and apply to your wall. Try applying the bubble wrap in various directions to create a different visual affect.
  6. Play – This is my son’s favorite and I have to admit it is a lot of fun. The Japanese even created an everlasting bubble wrap toy! For a homemade version just cut the bubble wrap into tiny squares, and then insert a rubber band through a hole in the corner.
  7. Lining – Popped bubble makes a great lining under carpets and doormats.
  8. Insulation –  Bubble wrap will help keep drinks or food cold.
  9. Protect the fruits and vegetables – Put bubble wrap in the vegetable drawer of your fridge. Then they aren’t as likely to be bruised on the hard plastic surface of the crisper drawer
  10. Staying dry – Tie flattened bubble wrap around boots or shoes when traveling through snow or mud. This keeps out the wetness and helps keep in the warmth. It is like an extra layer of waterproof insulation
  11. Wrap children’s gifts – We know kids like bubble wrap so why not use it instead of wrapping paper for presents.
  12.  Window insulation – Taping sheets of bubble wrap over your windows is a fairly good insulation that keeps heat in and cold drafts out.
  13. Recycle – Lots of places recycle bubble wrap, just ask at your local recycling center. If they don’t take it you can mail it to the Sealed Air Corporation (the maker of bubble wrap). They make new bubble wrap out of it.

If you have any other great ideas for bubble wrap, leave us a comment!

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