UNITS Mobile Storage is the best choice in Cincinnati for locally owned and operated storage. We have worked with UNITS for years and have more loading and unloading experience than any other movers in the Cincinnati. Because we are licensed and insured mover, we are your best choice to load and unload a UNIT.

No other legally licensed and fully insured moving company in Cincinnati offers a moving labor services with a program designed specifically  to load and unload UNITS. If you want the best, 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers is the company to call for help with your UNITS storage container.

We realize there are a lot of choices for moving help in Cincinnati. Here a few ways in which we differ.

  • Licensed by the Public Utilities Commision of Ohio, this means the state has certified we have real employees, the proper insurance and are state regulated. We just don't claim it, they state of Ohio backs our claims up. (PUCO #: 505028)
  • As a full service moving company, we aren't just cheap day labor, we are professional movers.
  • We offer special rates for moving labor when loading a Pack-Rat storage container. No need to pay for the extra cost of the truck when you don't need it.
  • We offer great pricing on moving pads. We sell real moving pads, for less than the cheap kind that the truck rental companies use!
  • Our rental rates for moving pads are the best in town! You don't know how long your items may be in storage so don't pay for your pads every month. Call us to get a one time flat rate!

So why do we think UNITS are the best choice?

- Being that UNITS is locally owned and operated, you are supporting a Cincinnati business.
- UNITS stores your container in a climate controlled warehouse. Not in the parking lot of an old used car lot.
- UNITS come in two sizes. The 12' which offers about 760 cubic feet of storage space. The 16' offers about 1000 cubic feet of storage space. In comparison a tradition 10x10 storage space offers approximately 1300 cubic feet of storage space.
- UNITS have a study steel constuction that keeps your belongings safe
- Units have feet that give them a few inches of lift. This means they are low enough to the ground to be convenient but high enough off the ground that a sudden storm won't flood your container

Our moving labor service does have a 2 hour minimum. After the first 2 hours, time is rounded to the next half hour. Our hourly rate for moving labor starts when our crew arrives at your home or business. You may schedule your service online or call our office for help.

While our hourly rates may seem higher than some of our competition, add in all their extra fees and hidden charges to see the difference.
NO Fuel Surcharge
Travel Fee for moves in Cincinnati
Charge for travel time to and from our office
Extra Charge for weekends
Equipment fees
Truck Fee
Flat Screen TV fee
Elevator Fee
Stairs Fee
No Carrying Fees

If providing the UNIT Mobile Storage container for us to load/unload, the customer is still responsible for providing moving pads/blankets, rope, boxes, tape and other consumable items. Piano moving is a separate service, if moving a piano, please call us for details.

(We have no affiliation with UNITS Mobile Storage. This page is not a recommendation or endorsement of their services or products.)