UHauls new UBox seen for 1st time

UHaul’s new UBox is basically a plywood crate about the size of a walk in closet. As stated its a moving container made out of plywood but they do cover it in a very thick vinyl covering that you can zip closed.
Who would store their valuables in a plywood storage container wrapped in vinyl?
Well evidently not many people move with them. They have been in the Cincinnati about a year and we have not witnessed a single moving customer actually use one. We have heard a lot about these from the UHaul employees but only seen them in UHaul’s parking lot
That is until today.
UHaul UBox Truck
We passed it on the way to unload a moving truck and on our way back it was still there. So we decided to stop and take a few pictures. Now we have no idea why a state highway patrolman had it sitting on the side of the highway for so long but we thought that in itself is pretty funny.
Sorry about the blurriness of some of the pics, we had just gotten done moving in the snow and were to cold to pay that much attention.
Here is a picture of the UBox container from a different angle
UHaul UBox pulled over
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