UHaul vs Penske vs Budget. What is the difference?

So you are wondering what are the differences between Budget,Penske andUHaul?Well you have two choices, you can call Cincinnati’s #1 rated movers and ask us or you can read on. Keep in mind that we are Cincinnati’s only LEGAL and AMLPA Certified moving labor service so we have years of professional experience.

Pros: UHaul has easy to drive trucks starting as small as 10′ and going up to 26′. They also have the most locations making them the most convenient. UHaul is also the only company that rents cargo and vehicle trailers nationwide

Cons: UHaul is known for their EXTREMELY poor customer service and their vehicle maintenance has been the subject of many lawsuits. If your truck breaks down it can take hours if not more than a day before a repairman even shows up. They also double book and overbook their trucks so you may not get the truck you reserved at the time or location you expected (read the fine print in their contract before believing their “guarantee”). Just about anyone can become a UHaul location so you may be renting your truck from people you don’t want having your credit card and personal information. Lastly they often rent their trucks in 4-8 hour blocks but then charge for an entire day. If you take more than the few hours they allow, they can double your charges.

Budget Truck Rental
Pros: With almost 3000 locations Budget is the 2nd biggest in the USA. They offer trucks from 10′ ft to 26′ long and actually have more cargo space than comparable size UHaul trucks. Budget is often comparatively priced and offers many coupons online and in print advertising.

Cons: While they are much better than UHaul, Budget trucks do have their share of  maintenance issues. While people often have less problems with Budget than UHaul, Budget’s customer service is often slow to respond.

Penske Truck Rental
Pros: Penske has the largest selection of truck types including trucks with liftgates and other options. Penske trucks are typically the newest and best maintained. Penske’s customer service is rated the best of the 3 companies. Penske offers discounts for booking online and AAA members. Penske is the only company that rents smaller trucks with lift gates for those really big items.

Cons: Because many of Penske’s Moving Trucks are “commercial” grade they may lack some of the creature comforts the other companies have. Penske only has about 2000 locations so they are the smallest and may not be convenient to you.

So there you have it the pros and cons of UHaul, Budget and Penske. If you are comparing UHaul versus Penske or Penske versus Budget, in the end it really comes down to what you feel the most comfortable with.

Of course this is all just our personal opinion. We like Penske because years of experience have told us they are the best. We also know that about half the time a UHaul truck won’t be ready when or where promised and then there is a fair chance it will break down. When you are sitting on the side of the highway, arguing with a customer service rep about your moving truck, going with the cheapest company to save $100 seems kind of silly.

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