UHaul Truck Loading and Unloading Help

Saving money doesn't mean you have to hire cheap illegal movers to
help load and unload your UHaul truck!

Do you need some licensed and professional help loading/unloading a UHaul rental? If you need UHaul moving help, we are the best choice in Cincinnati.

Per some threatening letters we received from UHaul we reiterate that we are not endorsed by or affiliated with UHaul in anyway. We like many that have rented UHaul trucks do not recommend Uhaul at all. UHaul is the owner of its own respective brands, trademarks and very very old trucks. We are sharing an opinion and not stating anything as fact.

We still believe Penske moving trucks are the best (they don't threaten small businesses). Unfortunately sometimes a UHaul is your only choice and we can help with those also. 

We are the only legally licensed and fully insured moving company in Cincinnati offers a moving labor service specifically to load and unloading of UHaul trucks and trailers. Those cheap movers - they don't have a PUCO license. If you want real, licensed and experienced movers, 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers are the LEGAL company to call for help with your UHaul.

Here is some helpful information about the UHaul trucks and trailer in Cincinnati:

  1. U-Haul trucks are not measured like most trucks. UHaul measures the length of the roof which makes their trucks seem larger. We DO NOT recommend you put anything on the roof. For more information check out our moving tips
  2. U-Haul trucks are divided into two uses. "One-way" which is typically their better maintained and newer trucks and local which are the really old trucks that may not be able to make a long distance trip.
  3. Corporate stores are the locations run by U-Haul themselves. They tend to have longer hours and better equipment than other locations
  4. Dealers, which are the little guys renting UHaul trucks out of convenience stores and old car lots typically get the older, more beat up trucks. Always ask to pick up your truck at a corporate location
  5. U-Haul sets up legal protections so that each city has its own UHaul rental company. Many believe they did this because U-Haul is often sued for accidents caused by their equipment.

When providing the UHaul truck for us to load/unload, the customer is still responsible for providing moving pads/blankets, rope, boxes, tape and other consumable items. Piano moving is a separate service, if moving a piano, please call us for details.


You ready to work with the best moving company in town!? Don't hesitate to call us for your loading, or unloading needs. We're here to help!