To all our fellow Movers

We hope you have had a productive year. We also hope that in the coming year, we will all grow together and prosper.

There are a lot of choices for moving here in Cincinnati. Many of us strive to build an honest, respectable business. Those of us who pay our employees well, don’t hire day labor or skimp on insurance have to compete with companies that simply don’t offer the same level of quality and service. While we cannot be the cheapest and provide quality service, we can be the best service and provide real value.

There will always be cheap movers out there. The guys who don’t care about being a better business or providing real value in their service. And there will be customers who hire them because they don’t care about reputation or who they hire, they just want to move cheap.

There is also the customer who does want more. They expect that when a company advertises they are licensed and insured, that company is telling the truth. They also understand that you cannot charge the same prices as you did years ago unless you are cutting corners somewhere or were overpriced to begin with. These customers are educated, intelligent and appreciative of the service real movers offer.

Unfortunately the line between we, real movers, and those cheap movers is easily blurred. The pretenders do not hold the values we do and can then mislead the customer. We all know who they are and we see them advertise a lot of things that simply are not true. We have struggled with this since we started business in 2004. Looking around Craigslist and other websites we see this problem growing. In a city the size of Cincinnati there simply cannot be as many real moving companies as we see advertised.

We realized we needed a way to stand above the illegals and scam companies. To do that earlier this year we joined the American Moving Labor Professionals Association. You can find out more about them at We joined the AMLPA to prove that what we advertise is true and that our service has the integrity many others lack.

Our point in explaining all of this is to ask the real movers to unite with us. And if you are one of the services who may just be starting or not sure how to become a legal and insured mover, we welcome you too. The AMLPA is free to join so if you are a reputable company, show everyone.

Please help us show the customers that care about service and security that they have a real choice in who they hire.

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