Things you should check when hiring a Moving Company

It is easy to be mislead by people who offer cheap prices instead of real movers. When you hire a moving company you want to check a few things.

  1. Their Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Make sure its a permanent policy and not just one that says “temporary permit”.
  2. Their unemployment insurance –  This is how you know they are using real employees. Companies that pay subcontractors or day labor won’t have the certificate issued by the state.
  3. Certificates of Coverage –  A real moving company in the state of Ohio is required to have Liability Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance and Cargo Insurance. All of these should specifically state they are movers on the certificate. Most states require the same.
  4. Tariffs filed with your state – A tariff is an official statement a real moving company is required to file explaining their moving rates and charges. This is the only protection you have against them changing their price halfway through the job. If they don’t have a tariff filed with the state, they aren’t real movers.
  5. A real moving truck – Just about anyone can buy or rent an old U-Haul truck, that doesn’t make them an experienced and legal moving company. Do you want a U-Haul mover?
  6. Tax License – We all have to pay taxes, don’t you want to make sure it is going to your local schools and roads and not into their pockets?
  7. Moving License – In the state of Ohio, PUCO issues and maintains moving licenses. They assign a license number to any registered and legal mover. Most states have similar requirements.
  8. DOT number – All real moving companies in the USA are required to have one. If they cannot provide it to you, they aren’t real movers.
The law is there to protect you as the consumer and help you avoid the cheap, fly by night companies that don’t bother to operate legally. If you hire someone who isn’t legal just to save a few dollars, you are risking a lot more including impoundment of your belongings if their truck is caught.
As Cincinnati’s premier moving service we are completely legal. In the past we found that many unscrupulous companies were pretending to be customers so they could request our information and copy it. Because identify theft is effecting everyone we no longer send out copies of our legal documents.
We want you to know we are the best movers in Cincinnati so you are welcome to come by our office. We are happy to show you all of this paperwork and challenge the cheap movers to match that!
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