There is no such thing as a $19.95 U-Haul Rental

As Cincinnati’s only mover that is also ALMPA certified we work with all the truck rental companies. Recently the Boston Globe published a story about a man that was treated pretty badly by UHaul. (The Boston Globe website is membership only but you can read a repeat of the The U-Haul Story on

We will give you a quick run down of the story online. A customer made a reservation for 24 hours on U-Hauls website. He then called twice to confirm the reservation. When he arrived to pick up his truck he was told it was a 12 hour rental and that he would be charged $100 for ever hour he was late. That would make his 24 hour rental that was supposed to be $19.95 actually cost $1200.

The story goes on to report that this was NOT an isolated incident. The Boston Globe reporter wrote On Friday, I counted a half-dozen complaints similar to [the customer’s]. It was hard to get an accurate number of such complaints, because some of them were deleted from the website as the day wore on.”

On U-Hauls own website other customers were reporting similar problems as fast as the UHaul web lackeys could delete those bad reviews!

Lets stop and review. If this were true it would mean that U-Haul overcharges hundreds of customers every day and then covers it up!!! And what is the point in having reviews if U-Haul deletes the ones it doesn’t like?

We recommend Penske Truck Rental for a reason and this is just one of them. If for some reason you have to rent a U-Haul truck here are a few tips for you.

1) Use a Pre-paid credit card – Search the web and you will find MANY reports of U-Haul charging a customer’s credit card much more than the customer agreed to. You can buy prepaid credit cards at most gas stations for about $5. Then you don’t have to worry about U-Haul or some scammer at an old car lot that is temporarily a U-Haul location having your credit card number.

2) Rent ONLY from a corporate location – A corporate location is one owned by U-Haul and run by U-Haul employees. The reasons are to many to list but think of it this way. When you are another customer that has a problem with U-Haul, do you want it to be dealing with some guy at a cheap car lot or an actual U-Haul employee?

3) Call to confirm your reservation – UHaul will call you the day before but that comes from a call center. Call the actual location you want to pick up from 48 hours before your moving help is scheduled to arrive.

4) Ask to pick up as soon as the location opens – Look around the web and you will find many reports of U-Haul purposefully overbooking trucks. Many suspect that they book 2-3 customers for every 1 available truck. If you get their first, their is less chance U-Haul will give your truck to someone else.

6) Don’t buy any U-Haul supplies – U-Haul moving boxes and supplies are much more expensive than other local alternatives like TreeFree Boxes and even your local Home Depot sells moving supplies now.

5) Call the 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers! We have many options that you may not have thought of and we can help you make the best decision for any kind of move. Even if you aren’t moving in Cincinnati we are still glad to help.

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