Thank You Cincinnati for making us the #1 local movers

The year is almost over and we have some amazing plans for for next year.  We want to state right now that we plan to be the Mover of the Year for 2010.

That is next year though. Before that we want to take a moment to thank everyone. We love being Cincinnati’s choice for moving. Our customers are great and we are very pleased that they think we are also. It is because of their trust and appreciation that everything we do is possible.

In the past we have done a lot to make our business stronger and some of it is based on customer suggestions. We always listen to our customers and what they think about our business and moving in general. If you have any ideas about whar you think would make a great moving company, let us know. You can call us anytime, 513-575-HELP or leave a comment below.

Then check back in a few days and see what we are planning to do next.

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