Terms of Service

  1. Hourly Services

Hourly services are estimated. We require a 3 hour minimum and after that bill in half hour increments.

For example; if we estimate your move to take 6 hours and it takes 4 hours and 20 minutes you would be charged 4 hours and 30 minutes.

1-1. All hourly services require a 3 hour minimum. After that the time is billed in 30 minute increments rounded to the next half hour.
1-2. Half hour increments are half the agreed hourly rate
1-3. All estimates are based on an "average" home your size and are only an estimate. Actual time needed to move your home may vary.
1-4. Factors that need to be considered include loading time, unloading time, plus travel time between the load and unload locations.
1-5. Stairs, elevators or situations where the moving truck cannot be parked directly in front of the entrance to your home will increase the time needed for your move.


2. Long Distance Services


Long distance moves are based on a number of factors including distance, dates scheduled, availability and size of the move. We will send you an estimate based on these factors and the information you have provided.

If our quote for the move is within your budget we will send someone to do an accurate inventory and a survey of the property. We will then provide you a binding quote.
2-1 No estimate should be considered final without addresses of all locations being services
2-2 No estimate should be considered binding and final without a complete and accurate inventory.
2-3 Any items not listed in the inventory are not eligible for any insurance coverage and 4WH assumes no responsibility or liability for moving them
2-4 If the move date, addresses, or inventory change the cost of the quote will change
2-5 Long Distance quotes exclude any needed parking or local permits, carries that exceed 50ft or 2 flights of stairs, and items weighing more than 200 lbs unless these factors are noted.


3. Payments and Deposits


3-1. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, money orders and checks. We DO NOT accept cash.
3-2. Hourly services require a deposit of $50 per visit.
3-3. Flat rate moves require a 25% deposit.
3-4. Deposits are non-refundable.
3-5. If you need to reschedule, we are happy to do that for any date we have availability.
3-6. To reschedule we require 2 normal business days (Monday-Friday) of advance notice.
3-7. We allow rescheduling twice with proper notice before deposit is lost.
3-8. Payment is due at the time of service. Any balances not paid at the time of service will be charged a $30 fee plus 5% of the total cost per day (minus any paid deposit) beginning the next calendar day, accruing daily until the balance is paid.


4. Non-Standard Charges


4-1. Unless otherwise stated in writing, items left in our care overnight incur a custody charge of $150 per day.
4-2. If items are left in the custody of 4WH past 7am of the next calendar day, without prior arrangement they will be removed from the trucks and placed into protective care.
4-3. Standard labor and storage charges will be charged for the care of those items plus 20% service fee

Movers Prime is an additional charge for clients wishing to receive additional “Prime” service.

5-4. Guaranteed 60 minute arrival window. Should our crew not arrive in that window you will receive a $10 credit for every 10 minutes they are late.
5-5. “Actual Cash Value” coverage for all items we move. Actual cash value is fair market value and accounts for depreciation.
5-6. Up to (3) absorbent neopreme floor runners


6. Service Condition


6-1. All services subject to availability at time of deposit.
6-2. Quotes do not include any needed parking or local permits, carries that exceed 50ft or 2 flights of stairs, and items not listed weighing more than 200 lbs.
6-3. Flat panel TVs and monitors must be properly boxed.
6-4. If an elevator is used the elevator key is required and the elevator cannot be shared with any residents or other commercial services until moving service is complete.
6-5. Other commercial services, workmen or contractors may not be on property at the same time as your moving crew.
6-6. 4WeHelp is not responsible for items not properly disassembled or boxed.
6-7. The client is responsible for notifying any needed building management or local officials and acquiring any needed permits.
6-8. The client is lawfully responsible for all property involved in the service we are hired to perform.
6-9. 4WeHelp is not liable for any damage or injury caused while children, pets, or other commercial services are present.
6-10. 4WH reserves the right to refuse any service deemed to be unsafe or unlawful for any reason.
6-11. The client waives any charge-back rights in the event of a dispute, and will request a refund in writing along with all applicable documentation. All refunds are processed in accordance with our stated policies.


7. Insurance


7-1. As mandated by law, 4WH offers basic coverage at no additional charge to the client. This coverage limits 4WH liability to $0.60/pound for loss or damage to items.
7-2 4WH offers additional “Actual Cash Value” coverage as part of our Prime Move package. Actual cash value is fair market value and accounts for depreciation.
7-3. If purchasing the Prime Move package a valuation of $20,000 for Actual Cash Value coverage is applied. This coverage is only valid when applied before the start of a client’s move.
7-4. Per federal mandate, if no additional coverage is purchased the $0.60/pound coverage applies.


8. Exclusions and Exceptions


8-1. No flammable or explosive items may be loaded by 4WH crews or placed in custody of 4WH under any circumstances. These include but are not limited to: propane tanks, gasoline, ammunition, fireworks, etc.
8-2. If a client provides the truck, container or storage space and fails to provide adequate furniture pads no claims are accepted. A MINIMUM of 2 full size (72”x80”) moving pads per 1 linear foot of truck or container is required. This is only a minimum and more may be required to provide adequate protection
8-3. Boxes not packed and loaded/unloaded by 4WH
Artwork, objects of art, poster board, stretched canvas, mirrors, marble, glass, ceramic items and any other fragile items not in a box or crate specifically designed to provide adequate protection.
8-4. Furniture not emptied of its contents and/or completely disassembled. Pressboard or particle board furniture of any kind.
8-5. DLP, LCD, plasma and flat panel televisions/monitors that are not in a box specifically designed for their protection.
8-8. Items that fall outside of “normal household goods” including but not limited to commercial appliances, industrial equipment, large pieces of machinery and items weighing over 300lbs.
8-9. Items containing valuables not inventoried by our company such as jewelry boxes and safes.
8-10. Damage to floors when the furniture bottom/feet do not have adequate padding or protection.


9. Damages


We are not responsible for any damage once items leave our possession and/or our staff leaves the work site.

If an item is damaged, notify the crew leader immediately. Any damage or loss must be noted on your contract before the crew leaves the service location. Claims are accepted only after payment for services have been made in full. Claims must be submitted in writing within 60 days of completion of services directly to 4WH and not through any third-party or claim administrators. Submitting clear pictures and receipts expedites the handling of a claim. Claims submitted by mail or parcel service must be sent signature required. Standard claim processing is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Damage to your home is not regulated by any state or federal law. The client is responsible for providing floor protection, wall guards and like materials. Any claim for home damage should be filed with homeowners' or renters' insurance. Repair to or replacement of any item or structure is done at the discretion of 4WH.


10. Arbitration


In the event a dispute shall arise between the parties to this agreement, the client waives all rights to any additional coverage above minimums mandated by law. Both parties agree that the dispute shall be referred to Cincinnati Bar Association Arbitration Service for arbitration. The arbitrator's decision shall be final and legally binding and judgment may be entered thereon.

The consumer shall be responsible for all the arbitration fees in accordance with the applicable rules of arbitration. In the event a party fails to proceed with arbitration, unsuccessfully challenges the arbitrator's award, or fails to comply with the arbitrator's award, the other party is entitled to costs of suit, including a reasonable attorney's fee for having to compel arbitration or defend or enforce the award.

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