storage box storing spaces in garage lockers units or container with room and space for renting

Common scenarios where storage is needed:

  • Are you between homes?
  • Maybe your new home isn't ready but you need to close on your old one?
  • Work has transferred you but you haven't found a new apartment?

How We Can Help?

Our storage solutions are exactly what you need. We place your belongings our interior storage within our secured warehouse. Each household has its own storage vault and they are all individually locked. The building is alarmed and secured with cameras.



Q: Do you offer secured storage?

A: Yes. Our warehouse is only accessible by appointment and when a moving crew is present. We do not allow clients or any other services to access vaults.

Q: Do you provide the padlock or do I?

A: We provide the padlock but you may use one of your own if you prefer. Padlocks must have a 1" inch shackle and cannot be the disc lock (round) style.

Q: Is your storage climate controlled?

A: Are standard vaults are not. We can provide climate controlled storage at an additional charge.

Q: What if i need more storage space?

A: Our storage vaults are a great option for families that are unsure of how much space they need. If you run out of room we simply use additional vaults.

Q: Can I rent your storage even if I am not using you for my move?

A: No, storage is only for our moving clients.

Q: What hours are access to my storage available?

A: Access is available only when our moving crews are available to be scheduled. These hours vary and are made by appointment.

Q: How do I access my storage vault?

A: Clients are not allowed to directly access the storage vaults themselves. Access is only done through scheduling one of our moving crews at our normal hourly rate.

Q: What if I want to hire another moving company to pick up my belongings?

A: Our crew would unload the vault and bring the items to the parking lot where any licensed household goods carrier can access them.

Q: How do I find out about storage auctions?

A: We do not offer storage auctions.