We got the best employees!


Our workers love working for us, for various reason.

  • Competitive pay
  • Good, safe working environments
  • Long distance travel
  • local moves
  • Teamwork

Our Mission

Here at We Help Moving we provide you with relocation specialists that are not only highly skilled movers but also great people. You will feel comfortable throughout the entire moving process with our representatives taking an abundance of care with your household items. We uphold high standards of customer service for each and every person we employ.image3 (2)From your inbound call representative to the movers who will be taking care of your belongings on move day, rest assured, our priority list has your satisfaction at the very top. With smiles on our faces we complete your move seamlessly.





The We Help Way

At We Help Moving, we know just how stressful moving can be. We strive to do everything within our power to ensure that your move is completed seamlessly. Residential moving, Long distance moving, or office moving, give us a call we are experts in it all. Our employees are held to a much higher standard than other industry peers. When our professional movers arrive at your doorstep, they are ready to help you and complete every task your move requires. Integrity and a willingness to go above and beyond are the two main characteristics we look for when hiring our employees. Rest assured, your movers will be bright eyed, upstanding individuals who really enjoy what they do.


Our Mentality

We Help Moving is a teamwork minded organization. The goal of our team is to achieve maximum success in every aspect of work and life - And it all starts with successfully conducting YOUR MOVE. We are the team you want on your side on moving day. USEWe are a team who truly believes in the power of working together. We promote idealology within the company which educates our employees on how, not only, to become better at their job EVERY day, but also to become a better person EVERY day. This mentality of constant self-improvement ensures that what you are getting with our company is nothing short of the most honest, prideful, and high quality service in the industry. This is the staff you want handling your belongings and working in your home!



If you have any questions about our staff, don't hesitate to call in and voice those questions/concerns. We're always here to help, and do what we can to assist everyone in need.
You can contact us via email, or phone (513-242-6683)