Thank you for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is tomorrow and we would like to remind everyone to support a local small business.

We also wanted to say something in appreciation to everyone who already go out of there way to support small businesses. We know it is cheaper to go to Wal-Mart or easier to call an 800#. People like who make the extra effort to find a small business are the ones who help companies like mine make a difference in the community.

You truly do make a difference and here is how you have helped us grow in just the last 5 years when you made the choice to support a small business.

  • We have gone from one employee to more than 10 with a 1/3rd of them getting full time hours on a regular basis.
  • We have moved out of a home office to a retail space with warehouse
  • Our crews make $1-3 more an hour more than the crews that work at our corporate competition
  • We grew from 1 truck to 4 trucks (we are still working on getting them all running at the same time)
  • Starting in 2010 we were able to offer minimal benefits
  • Starting 2014 we will be able to offer health/dental care, 401K, and a number of other benefits to all staff regardless of the hours they work

Because of people like you 11 people in Cincinnati have jobs that pay a decent wage. Please, not just on Small Business Saturday but every day keep companies like ours in mind.

Thank you for that.

The 4WeHelp Movers