Sheisty Insurance Salesman

So recently we received a strange voicemail from “Lou”. The message was to the effect that he was a fellow mover in New Jersey, saw we were insured and was wondering if we could give him all our info because he needed to find insurance also. He wanted to know if we would help a “fellow mover out.”

Just the nature of his questions and that he didn’t mention a company name was a bit unusual. We have been getting quite a few telemarketers lately so we googled his phone number (201) 790-1699.  Turns out that is actually the phone number for Lou Hefter of insurance4movers dot net (we don’t want him getting the pleasure of our backlink).

Lou is known to us because he provides insurance at an enormously jacked up rate with barely any coverage through UHaul and their subsidaries . Yes, he is in bed with UHaul so you can guess what quallity of service and product Insurance4Movers provide. They are known for charging about $200 a month for insurance just on jobs subcontracted through UHaul. If you want all your moving jobs covered the price they charge may more than double.

Just for the record, we pay a LOT less for $1,000,000 coverage from a very well known REAL insurance company.

More than all of that, we believe it is extremely dishonest for a company to call and pretend to be someone else. If that is the way Lou would treat a potential customer, would you want to buy insurance from him? In Lou’s defense, he is learning from UHaul, AKA the big orange devil, and they are known for old trucks and horrible customer service, not integrity. Sorry Lou but you are the company you keep.

In the beginning we were naive and fell for our share of scams because no one warned us. Really this post is just our opinion and we want to warn our fellow moving labor services. Don’t give your monay to Lou Hefter, Insurance4Movers or any company that misrepresents themselves like that.

If you are a REAL moving labor service and need help with anything from legal forms to insurance, contact the AMLPA or the AOAML. They are both good organizations that offer real help to real movers.

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