Real Moving Help for those who REALLY need it.

The economy for the past two years has been hard on many of us. People have lost their homes and many businesses have gone bankrupt. We are thankful that while times have been hard, our little moving company has survived.

We have definitely noticed a change in the moving industry. We have seen many customers lose there homes and not be able to afford to take all their belongings with them. In years past we had seen many moving from an apartment into a house. This past year it seemed the exact opposite, many moving from a house into an apartment or with family.

We have also seen many people who simply could not afford to move. Either through foreclosure or job loss they had to make a change. They take a few of their belongings that will fit into their car or a friend’s truck and leave everything else behind. That has always bothered us the most. On moving day we often see people at their worst, these situations only magnify that.

We constantly ask our moving crews, “What can we do to offer our customers the best service?

Our most recent plan is to help those who need our help the most. While we cannot fix the economy or help someone save their house, we can help people move.

Anyone can give money to a charity and claim to support them. We prefer action over words. Since we started as a company, we have worked with Clermont County Senior Services to provide low cost and no cost moves to seniors in need.  This past year we realized there are many more families that need our help.

In 2010 we will offer free moves for charity. We plan to do several of these throughout the year, based on the needs and support of our community. You provide the truck and we will load/unload it anywhere in the Cincinnati area at no charge. If you are moving outside Cincinnati, as AMLPA members, we will assist you in finding trustworthy moving help wherever you are going.

If you or someone you know needs moving help, let us know. Send us at least a page describing the situation and why you think we should help them. Please include photos of their home.

You can email your story and photos to Of course the more support we get, the more we can do. If you are a charity or business  that would like to work with us, you are also welcome to contact us.

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