Questions to ask when hiring a Moving Company

We hear on the news all the time about the illegal movers that offer cheap prices to move people and then a family is out hundreds if not thousands of dollars when things go bad. Here are a few questions for you to ask when you call a mover

  1. What is your company’s “Household Goods Mover” License number? Illegal companies often make up a number or give you an invalid one so make sure you ask for their “Household Goods Moving License number”.  Then check with your state to verify it. If you are looking for movers in Cincinnati or anywhere in Ohio check the Public Utility Commision of Ohio. If the number isn’t valid, report them
  2. Is your company insured as a “Household Goods Mover”? That phrase is a legal thing and makes a HUGE difference in the coverage they have. Anything less and they may be illegal movers.
  3. Are there any items you charge extra for or do not move? Some moving companies charge charge extra for things like flat screen TVs. Others may not move things like grand pianos or pool tables.
  4. Does your company provide an in-home moving quote? You wouldn’t expect a mechanic to give you a set price over the phone for a large repair. If a moving company offers a price over the phone for a large move, you should be cautious.
  5. Are there any extras that can be incurred during the move? Many moving moving companies claim to be cheap movers but then hit you with a lot of extra hidden fees and extra charges. They charge extra for elevators, fuel, travel, blankets and more.
  6. How much of a deposit do you require? Most companies do require a deposit but if they ask for a large portion of their estimate in advance, be wary.
  7. Does the company charge extra to move on the weekend? Friday-Sunday are the most sought after moving days and many companies charge extra for those.
Of course if you want to avoid all of the hassle, you can always call us! 
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