Questions to ask a mover before you hire them…

So you have been putting it off but you cannot wait any longer. You are moving and you need to choose your movers. So how do you decide which moving company to pick?

While we would love for you to trust that you don’t have to look any further than 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers, we realize people will shop around. And there is nothing wrong with that. Here are a few things you should ask and don’t hire a moving company that doesn’t give you the right answers.

Questions to ask your movers before you hire them:

  1. Are you a broker or the actually company that will move me?
    A broker is a company that charges you a fee to subcontract the work to someone else. Often they charge the real movers a fee too. This fee may be hidden but you are paying it. UHaul and many other large companies offer broker services that you should avoid if at all possible. Real movers easy to find, check your local yellow pages or Google Maps.
  2. Are you members of any professional associations?
    It is relatively simple to buy an old UHaul truck, get a cell phone number, put an ad on Craigslist and call yourself a mover. One of the hardest things to do is join a professional moving organization if you aren’t really professional movers. Organizations like the AMLPA and AMSA verify and certify their members. Cheap movers, the ones you don’t want in your home won’t meet their standards and can never be a member.
  3. Do you give binding estimates?
    A company that only gives you non-binding estimates is a BIG red flag. A non-binding estimate means they can change the price when your move is over. Always request a guaranteed price before your move and in writing. Never sign an estimate that isn’t completely filled out and never feel pressured for a decision. A real moving company’s price should be the same whether you decide tonight or tomorrow.
  4. Will you send someone to survey my move?
    This means they physically send someone to your home to look over your move and get an exact idea of what is involved. Movers do this for a few reasons. It helps eliminate surprises which keeps the customer happy and protects their reputation. It allows them to quote a fair and accurate price. A real mover makes their estimate based on how hard your move will be, how much your items will way, how much space they will take up and how long it will take to move everything. Anything done online or over the phone is just a guess. Doesn’t your family and their belongings deserve better?
  5. Is your company licensed and insured?
    Cheap movers are cheap for a reason. They skip on permits, workers compensation, and licenses established by your state’s government to protect you. Licensing have to be approved and renewed every year. Insurance premiums have to be paid up or the policy will lapse. Of course they claim to have all this but the documents may no longer be valid. Again, this is where members of a professional organization like the AMLPA make a difference. If a moving company doesn’t have these, odds are when you have a problem they just disappear and you are left with no recourse.
  6. Do you offer different levels of service?
    Many moving companies offer different levels of service to fit different budgets. Some customers prefer to pack theit boxes themselves and get those boxes from the grocery store. Other customers are willing to pay more for a company that provides packing services using professional moving boxes. Still other customers may want help unpacking and organizing too. Decide which is for you and make sure thats included in your quote.
  7. Where can I get references?
    Ratings online are easy to fake. Websites like the Better Business Bureau give companies who pay a membership fee the highest ratings. Websites run by truck rental companies let anyone join and don’t verify their claims are honest and factual. Any company can give you the phone numbers of friends or families and pretend they are former customers. Unless you are members of a paid service like Angie’s List, it is hard to trust references these days. Check with any government run websites that may regulate movers in your state (like in Ohio). The best way to find good references is to ask people you trust like friends and family.

Moving can be stressful but being comfortable with your movers and the service they provide is a good way to have a great move.

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