Proud Member of the AMLPA

Recently we were invited to join the American Moving Labor Professionals Association. As there first certified member in Ohio and currently the only one in our area, we are pretty dang proud.

What is the AMLPA?
“The AMLPA is a non-profit organization designed to oversee and organize the moving labor services industry. The moving labor industry is a fairly new market segment of the moving industry however its exponential growth over the years mandates that an organization must provide structure to the industry.

Similar the the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) that oversees the full service moving industry, the AMLPA is designed to provide certifications, guidelines, compliance and a level of consistent quality not yet available in the moving labor services industry. The primary reason for the lack of structure is that the industry itself is new and the dust has yet to settle. As with any large industry, consumers need a certain level of recourse and industry professionals across the nation need a trade association for support and compliance.” Quoted from

We are very excited about this effort. For years we have said this kind of organization is needed to weed out the companies that claim to have proper insurance and licensing but could not possibly afford because of the “cheap” service they focus on. In the state of Ohio moving labor companies are not yet regulated and it allows companies to pretend they are professionals but not offer any level of real quality. In turn the consumer has no way to check if these “companies” are real and no recourse when problems arrive

So we want to thank the AMLPA for bringing some much needed organization to the moving labor industry.

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