Planning Your Move – Part 2: Choosing a Mover

Choosing your mover can be the hardest part of your move. With budgeting and the rest of your planning you can rely on numbers and facts. With hiring a mover the choice is often based on reputation and word of mouth.

Regardless of what you decide, you should contact several respected local movers and ask for a free estimate. Be suspicious of quotes done over the internet or phone, low-ball estimates and references you cannot verify. If you are looking for a moving labor service they often provide service at an hourly rate. Here are a few things to consider when you choose a moving company.

1) Are their any local services that provide ratings of moving services. Google Local and Angie’s List are good places to start. Many people check the local Better Business Bureau but the BBB is a service that a business can pay to join and improve their ratings.
2) Ask if they have different pricing for weekdays versus weekends. Some moving companies charge more if you move on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
3) Ask what their insurance claims policy is. Some movers have a $500 deductible or only cover the value of your belongings up to $0.60 a pound.
4) Check if the movers are member’s of any professional organizations. A company that isn’t a member of any organizations may not meet the criteria to join one. These organizations are often self policing and the best judge of a company’s reputation.
5) Ask if they charge any additional fees for stairs or to move any large or unusual items you might have.

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