Planning Your Move – Part 1: Budgeting

One of the first steps many people take when planning a move is to make a budget. There are several ways to go with your move. In this economy cost is a huge factor and many people are already facing economic hardships when they move. As someone about to move you may want the cheapest moving service possible. Unfortunately being cheap most likely means that you lose quality.

What you really want is a safe move and peace of mind that you can afford. That is what 4WeHelp Movers want also, to give you a smooth move while providing a service you can afford.

Step 1: Decide up front what you can afford and write out your budget. Keep in mind the expenses of how you will get to your new home and where you might stay along the way. If you are flying to a new city figure in the cost of getting to and from the airport. If you are driving estimate the cost of meals, fuel, tolls roads, and hotels if you have to stop for the night.

Step 2: Decide how you will move. Here is a break down…

$$$$$- Traditional Moves A full service moving company has the highest cost but requires the least amount of work.

$$$$- Moving Containers A moving container is basically mobile storage (like UNITS, PODS or PackRat). Many mobile storage companies are nationwide so you can load in one city and unload in another. This is a great alternative to putting things in storage and then having to move them again. The container comes to your door and you hire a moving labor service to load/unload it. This means you you still don’t have to do much of the work.

$$$- Self Moves Renting a moving truck and hiring a moving labor service is just about the least expensive way of moving. This is one of the least expensive ways to move. You rent and drive a moving truck and then the loading/unloading is done by moving labor service you hire separately.

Our point is no matter what your budget you have choices. As a consumer you do not have to resort to cheap services and lose out on the quality you deserve.

In the next part of planning your move we will discuss how to choose your mover.

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