Piano Moving Service

We often get questions about moving pianos as part of our normal moving service. To avoid any confusion we want to be clear that this is an non-standard service and does carry an additional charge.

Our moving company does move spinet and standard upright pianos. A standard upright piano is less than 48 inches tall. This excludes grand pianos, baby grands, and oversized uprights (more than 48 inches tall). Here is a good website to find out what style of piano you have http://www.bluebookofpianos.com/types.htm.

The rate for moving a standard piano with 2 or less stairs is $75 per location. Stairs are considered to be any change of height more than 4 inches. If moving up or down stairs there will be additional charges based on the obstacles at that location.

Often during a move, the change in temperature and humidity from one location to another can change the tune of your piano. We do not recommend leaving your piano in a truck or storage unit for more than 2-3 days as that may permanently warp the soundboard. Our service does not include piano tuning.

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