Penske maintenance vs UHaul


Sunday was a bit of a crazy day at our Cincinnati office. It started when a customer who had hired our moving labor service to load a Uhaul called to let us know they were running late. When they went to the car lot where they were renting their Uhaul, the truck's battery was dead. The poor family was told it would take at least 2 hours to get someone to jump their truck.

Everyone knows how bad UHaul service is, there are even newspaper articles on poor UHaul maintenance. We bragged about Penske maintenance and made fun of Uhaul. In doing so we jinxed ourselves because later we were renting a Penske truck out and its battery was also dead.

This is where the difference between the two companies comes out. Penske had a service truck out to our location and the customer on the road 34 minutes after we called and reported the issue.


Penske is always our preferred truck services. They are reliable, and have ALWAYS treated our company, and customers, right. If you ever call in and ask who we think you should have, we be very forward with you and say that we, as a company, feel that Penske is always the best way to go

If you are someone who believes service is more important than being cheap, call our office today. 513-242-6683.