Paying the Price for Hiring Cheap Movers

Illegal Movers
A sting on several illegal and cheap movers.

There are a lot of cheap movers our there offering prices that seem to good to be true. Well they are to good to be true.

Being a professional and legal mover means you have some expenses. Now there is nothing wrong with the guys who advertise on Craigslist that they are the cheapest in town and run around in old UHaul trucks. Well, except for they are operating illegally.
On the right side of this page you will see our PUCO number and our USDOT number.
The US Department of Transportation and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio require LEGAL moving companies to post our moving license numbers in every advertisement. We post them proudly because we aren’t cheap, illegal movers.
Recently one customer told us that when she called a local cheap mover and asked for his PUCO number he supplied her with a PUCO license. She was smart enough to look it up on the PUCO website and find out they were lying.
If they would deceive their own customers, are cheap movers really such a great deal? Do a Google search and you will find there are a lot of good reasons not to make how “cheap” a moving company is a reason for hiring them.
If you want the best move, a safe and legal move, call us. Even if you cannot afford our service we will be happy to give you share our expertise and help you reduce the cost of your move without resorting to hiring a cheap or illegal mover.
Just remember, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!
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