We pack your things and even provide the moving boxes!

Packing and unpacking your house or apartment is often the most dreaded part of any move. Many customers do not have the time or energy to find boxes, wrapping paper, tape, markers and all the other supplies. Trying to fit all those large boxes in your car and get them home can be quite a hassle in itself. Then there is the worry if you packed correctly and your belongings are safe.

In Cincinnati we offer two services that will take that worry away.

Our Full Service Packing/Unpacking is one single price to pack, move and unpack everything in your home. The quote includes boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, markers and other basic packing materials.

Need part of your home packed? Worried about your fragile items or one room? We offer a packing service that is charged by the box. It includes all the materials needed to safely pack standard moving boxes and there is no other hourly charge. 

A few notes about our these services.

  • Some specialty materials are not kept in stock so advance notice is required. Because all items are shipped from a manufacturer that uses recycled cardboard and plastics, the amount of notice needed varies depending on the time of year and availability of materials.
  • We are unable to pack any items considered flammable or unsafe. This includes, guns, ammunition, explosives and any items containing a flammable fuel such as heaters or lanterns. We reserve the right to refuse packing any item at our discretion
  • This is only a packing/unpacking service. A crew of professional movers to do the heavy lifting and moving is a separate service.


Our professional movers are also professional at packing/unpacking goods. They carry themselves in a manner that will keep even the most grudging person cheery and ready. We understand that packing is often the most stressed part of the move. So we offer this service as a way of making your move as stress free, and cheerful as possible.