Did you get your tax bill?

Recently many Ohioans received happy new year greetings from the their county – a real estate tax bill. These little notices of love come every January and June in Ohio.

If you or a property owner you know believes that the county auditor has placed too high a value on any real property, resulting in a higher tax bill, and you live in OHIO, you have until March 31 to file a complaint seeking a reduction.  If you are in KY, there is a different process. This is for Ohio only.

The Ohio complaint form is pretty simple, but you need to support your complaint with valid evidence, such as your recent purchase or a recent market appraisal. If you have refinanced, you may have obtained an appraisal.  If it shows a lower value than the auditor – You Win!  If you don’t have an appraisal, but you think the auditor has overvalued the property, then you would need an appraisal.

If you have a question about the process for filing complaint, we recommend attorney Joseph Jaap. He can be reached at 513-533-2037 (just tell him We Help Movers sent you).

Mr Japp is a great lawyer at Barron Peck Bennie & Schlemmer Co., LPA. They are also going to have an informational meeting with help at their Cincinnati offices.
Thursday, January 23, 12:00- 1:00 PM in the Oakley Office, 3074 Madison Rd.
Thursday, January 30, 6:00 – 7:00 PM in the Over the Rhine Office, 1344 Vine St.