Moving Tips for Local Moves

Recently a friend of ours mentioned that she couldn’t find any advice for her in town move. Of course if she had been moving in Cincinnati, we would have handled it for her. Still, wanting to be helpful we came up with a list.

If you are planning a local move, which is basically a move within a 30 minute drive of your current home, here are a few tips for moving locally.

  1. With any move,  clean out the clutter. Don’t waste your time or energy moving it yourself and don’t waste your money paying your movers to take it. If you haven’t used it recently and cannot see yourself using it in the next 12 months, pitch it. Some local charities will even come pick it up.
  2. NEVER schedule more than one service for the same day. If just one company has a problem it can cause problems for everyone else. If you are getting new furniture delivered have them come the day before your movers. If you are getting cable have them come after your movers.
  3. Don’t make lots of little trips. Unless you have a reason to be at your new home and are just taking a load with you, that will waste a lot of time and energy. If you think about the amount of time and gas it takes you to make dozens of small trips you could rent a 12″ Penske truck and move the little stuff in one load.
  4. If you do plan to move the smaller items yourself and hire someone to move the larger items, move the larger items first. We often find customers have filled their new home with boxes they moved and then they have to pay us to rearrange everything so the furniture will fit.
  5. If you are renting a truck, pick it up the night before. UHaul is notorious for overbooking trucks and not having them as promised. Penske and Budget are not as bad but on a busy weekend anyone can have problems.
  6. Move that Flat Screen TV in your Mini-Van or SUV. Flat screen TVs are extremely fragile. If you have the original box or buy a flat screen TV box you are safe. If you don’t have a proper flat screen TV box it should never go in the back of a moving truck. Just leaving pressure on the screen or not keeping them completely upright can ruin them.
  7. Buy wardrobe boxes to move clothing. People want to be cheap and just throw their clothes with the hangars in the back of the truck. As everyone knows, the cheap way is rarely the good way. If you don’t use wardrobe boxes your clothes will definitely get wrinkled and they are hard to carry like that so their is a good chance they will be dropped and get dirty or stained.
  8. Disassemble your furniture. Just because you aren’t going that far doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take things apart. Properly disassembled furniture takes up less space, is easier to move and a LOT less likely to be damaged.
  9. Don’t count on your friends. All to often we have customers call us Saturday morning because their friends didn’t show up as promised. It is tempting to have your friends help you move such a short distance but a good moving company will get it done much faster and with less worries on your part.
  10. Don’t hire cheap movers. Often with a local move people think “I am not going that far, it really doesn’t matter.” Most reputable moving companies are all going to be within $10-$30 per hour of each other. The cheap guys are cheap for a reason, often because they can’t get business any other way. It only takes one broken item to find out why they are so cheap. If your move takes 5 hours the cost difference between cheap movers and a real moving company may only be $100. Isn’t it worth the piece of mind to spend that extra money?

If you have any local moving tips leave a comment and we will be happy to add them to the list!

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