Moving During Bad Weather in Cincinnati

Our number one concern is the safety of our clients' belongings and our crew. Below are a few things to consider for moves scheduled when bad weather hits

Snow and Ice
The biggest obstacles we face are snow and ice. For this reason we require clients shovel and salt any and all walkways the crew may use during the course of their move. This is not optional, the walkways must be completely clear. If the crew is unable to move your home safely your move will be rescheduled. This is for the safety of the crew, and the items they will be transporting to/from the vehicle. We care about our crew, and need to make sure they make it home safe to their families.

Snow Emergencies
A 26,000 pound moving truck is not an easy thing to drive in bad weather. They stop slower, slide further and get stuck easier. We also have to consider local and state laws that restrict commercial travel during snow emergencies.

For this reason if either the city of Cincinnati or Hamilton County declare a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 snow emergency our office will be closed and any moves for that day will be rescheduled. If this should happen someone from our company will contact the clients for that day as soon as possible.

We understand when this happens it is an inconvenience to both our staff and our clients. We hope everyone agrees that the important thing is the safety of all involved.



Ultimately our job here at We Help Moving is to get you moved quickly, efficiently, and safely. If at any time there is going to be a weather hazard, or the place is not safe for walking on, we will reschedule the move to a time that will  make both your lives better, and  that of the crews safer.