Movers and dog poo

Most people don’t think of moving tips including dog poo. Unfortunately in the moving business we are all to familiar with it.Often we movers have to make a trip through a yard to carry an appliance out of a kitchen or move furniture into a basement. Today we hade a job moving a very large armoir that could not fit through any interior doors. We had to go out the front door, around the house and into a very nice furnished bsement.

When walking across a lawn moving furniture that weighs 300 pounds, we can’t really watch where we walk. Our customer had dogs and we stepped in some of their leftovers. We had to stop to clean our shoes before entering the house which meant setting everything down. This cost the customer extra time and money.

This sort of thing can easily be avoided. Our customer thought ahead to move his car, lawn chairs and other items that might hinder us. If you know that your movers are going to have to cut through your yard also check for the little presents left by your pets.

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