Learning From Our Mistakes

You will find a lot of companies that share glowing testimonials about their products or services. Often these reviews sound to good to be true and you might wonder if they really are? No matter how good a company may be, doesn’t it seem strange that their is not a single dissatisfied customers?

It is easy to fake positive reviews on the internet. Recently we received a negative comment and we wanted to share it.

“Overall – we weren’t impressed with the movers. They took a 15 minute break and tried to take that time off of what we paid for, and then argued with us (just one of them, the other helper agreed with us) about the fact that they didn’t take a break – even though they were in their car smoking for 15 minutes. One of the helpers (the one in charge) was constantly texting on his phone and had holes all over his shirt. His constant texting definitely slowed him down. I would not recommend this service to others.”

We take things like that very seriously. We learn from our mistakes. No company is perfect and when you do HUNDREDS of moves a year, you are going to have a stumble here and there. It is all about how you recover.

Our policy had been for every 4 hours worked, a crew was allowed to take a 15 minute break. We realize the perception that many customers have when this happens. Starting June 10th, 2010 none of our employees will be allowed to use tobacco products while on a customer’s property even if on break.

Crews often text because the office asks for updates, sends them info on job changes and their next move. There had never been a problem before but again, it is about our customer’s perception and satisfaction. To remedy that, from this point on, only crew leaders will be allowed to have their cell phones on while working.

As for the shirts, that was management’s fault. His shirt had torn last week and we didn’t have one to replace it. The new ones will be here tomorrow.

When we know what is wrong it is easy to fix and when we are told we are doing something right it is easy to keep doing it. Whatever the case we want to hear from you.

If ever any of our customers has a comment or concern about the level of service we provide, contact us directly. When it good we want to give the right people a pat on the back and if it is bad, we want to know so we can make things better.

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