Is there a Doctor in Cincinnati?

We love our employees. They are the backbone of our company and take good care of our customers. It has always bothered us that the cost of health care has made it impossible for us to take care of them by offering basic health insurance. We spend days every spring calling and emailing for quotes only to find the prices of insurance are well beyond that of a small local business.

I know how heartbreaking it is not to have basic medical care for someone you care about. Someone I love is very ill and for more than 2 years we have fought to find a doctor that would see her without insurance. We want to make sure my employees and their families have the basic care they deserve.

We are seeking a doctor that would see our employees and their families whenever they needed the basic medical care that a general practitioner can provide. Our company would pay a portion of their bill and guarantee that they would pay the rest.

If you are a physician or know of a physician that would be interested in helping us out, please contact our office at 513-575-4357 and ask for Jon.

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