How rental trucks really measure up!

Inside of a U-Haul truck

So you have decided instead of hiring full service movers. We still hope you will consider using our moving labor service in Cincinnati.

Now you just need to rent a truck. Most rental companies price their trucks by size. The bigger the truck, the more they charge. What the average consumer doesn’t know is that a 14′ truck doesn’t always mean they are getting a 14′ truck.

We wanted to give everyone an easy place to compare rental truck sizes. We are posting the measurements of U-Haul, Penske and Budget trucks. In the moving business truck sizes are measured from front to back so we will list these for you. They are listed smallest to largest amount of floor space. Notice that U-Hauls claims don’t measure up.*

Small Moving Rental Trucks (LxWxH)
U-Haul 10′ truck measurements –  9’11”    x 6’4″    x 6’2″ (62.8 square feet of floor space)
Budget 10″ truck measurements – 10′        x 6’3″    x 6’0″  (62.5 square feet of floor space)
Penske 12′ truck Measurements – 12′        x 6’6″    x 6′      (78 square feet of floor space)
U-Haul 14′ truck measurements –  11’11”  x 7’8″    x 7’2″ (91.3 square feet of floor space)

Medium Moving Rental Trucks (LxWxH)
U-Haul 17′ truck measurements – 14’3″      x 7’8″   x 7’2″ (109.25 square feet of floor space)
Budget 16′ truck measurements – 15’7″      x 7’5″   x 6’5″ (115.6 square feet of floor space)
Penske 16′ truck measurements – 16’6″     x 7′ 8″  x 6′ 6″ (126.5 square feet of floor space)
UHaul 20′ truck measurements –   16’8″     x 7’8″   x 7’2″ (127.8 square feet of floor space)
(U-Hauls 20′ truck is only a few inches bigger then a 16′ Penske!)

Large Moving Rental Trucks (LxWxH)
UHauls 24′ truck measurements – 21’1″    x 7’8″    x 8’1″ (161.6 square feet of floor space)
Penske 22′ truck measurements – 21′ 3    x 7’8″    x  8’1″ (162.9 square feet of floor space)

Budget 24′ truck measurements –  24′       x 7’5″    x 7’5″ (178 square feet of floor space)
UHaul 26′ truck measurements –   23’5″    x 7’8″    x 8’3  (179.5 square feet of floor space)
Penske 26′ truck measurements – 25’2″    x 7’8″    x 8’1″ (192.9 square feet of floor space)

Here are a few notes about how we ranked them…

  • All sizes are approximate and based on published sized found on rental truck websites
  • U-Haul measures length across the roof while other companies measures across the floor. Since you should never put things on the roof of a moving truck, we have listed the floor measurements.
  • U-Haul trucks usually have the metal “humps” (shown in the picture above) in the floor for the wheel wells and fuel line. This takes up a lot of floor space
  • Local U-Haul rentals have other equipment attached to the wall (shown in the picture above) that also takes up space. If you remove it they will charge you a rental fee for that equipment
  • U-Haul trucks do have a “Mom’s Attic” that we did not include in the measurements as it is only suitable for small/light items.
  • Penske trucks are rarely more than 2-3 years old. Their box sizes may differ slightly as they are constantly improving their design.
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