How many cubic feet of space do I need to move my home?

Yesterday while doing an estimate for a family they asked how many cubic feet our moving truck had and how many they needed to move their home. I went to search the web and couldn’t find a decent moving chart or calculator so I had to do the math myself.

We wanted to share that with you. This is a great guide for calculating how much space the average home needs when renting a moving truck.

As I said, these calculations are based on a normal home. On average a room to requires between 125 and 150 cubic feet once packed. If you have larger furniture or it is a large room you may want to increase this.

To convert cubic feet to a rental truck size, here are some guidelines:

  • 12ft Penske truck – 1br apartment under 600 square feet or approximately 350 cubic feet
  • 16ft Penske truck – 2br apartment- approximately 750 cubic feet
  • 26ft Penske truck – 2-3br house – approximately 1,450 cubic feet
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