Emergency Moving Service – WE FIX BAD MOVES

Even during the slow winter season we receive a few calls every month that start out like this…

“I hired some movers off Craigslist because they advertised how cheap they were. They haven’t shown up and I have to be out of my apartment today. Is there anyway you can help me?”

Of course the story changes somewhat but the situation doesn’t. Whether is is your help didn’t show and they did show but you are afraid to let them near your family, We fix the problems caused by cheap movers!

We realize with the bad economy everyone tries to save money anywhere they can.

We know that it will cost you more in the long run to hire cheap labor but you have to try.

We understand nothing we can say is going to keep people from hiring illegal workers and cheap movers.

So when you have that nightmare situation call us. WE FIX BAD MOVES!

Hire Cincinnati’s highest rated movers at http://www.4wehelp.com