Do you need help loading or unloading a UHaul truck?

We have a lot of experience loading and unloading UHaul trucks and trailers in Cincinnati.

While we do not recommend UHaul trucks we realize some people have no other choices in their area. UHaul does have the largest fleet and most locations. If you aren’t moving in Cincinnati ask your local moving labor company and they may be able to help you find better alternatives.

As experienced movers we can tell you what kind of UHaul truck you have just by reading the truck number off the back. One little note, UHaul’s recommendations for what size truck you should rent is VERY optimistic. To get a better judge of what size truck you try Penkse’s rental truck sizing tool.

If you aren’t looking for a Cincinnati moving company you can find professional and insured movers across the United States to help you load your UHaul truck or trailer at

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