Deliveries and Small Moves made easy!

Our delivery service is designed to help people that just need a few normal household items moved. One of the big problems with many moving companies is that their expenses are so high, they cannot accept the small moves at an affordable price. We overcome this by setting aside one day just to do small moves and deliveries.

  • Currently this delivery and small service is offered on Wednesdays.
  • For stops/locations outside Cincinnati there is an additional travel charge based on zip code.

(For companies needing a dedicated delivery service, call to discuss our commercial rates)


"Small Moves can be used when..."

  • You bought some exercise equipment on Craigslist but need help picking it up and delivering it to your home.
  • Your family gave you a washer/dryer but you cannot move it into the basement by yourself.
  • You bought something at a warehouse club that does not offer delivery and you need help bringing it home.
  • You need help carrying heavy boxes up from their basement.
  • You need to move a large file cabinet from one office to another.
  • You are having hardwood floors installed and you need someone to move a few big pieces of furniture
  • Rearranging furniture in your bedroom
  • Transporting unwanted furniture to a local Goodwill or thrift store
  • Moving your entertainment center into your new home theater

"Do you deliver to locations with stairs?"


Yes! We are fully licensed and insured movers so stairs are something we deal with all the time. We will deliver up to a typical 3rd floor apartment (2 flights of stairs) at no additional charge.


"What time will you come?"


Deliveries and small moves are done any day of the week! We will call the clients and give them a window for their movers arrival.


"What is considered a stop location?"


A stop or location is any address the crew needs to be routed to as part of your service. This can include retail stores, private homes or storage spaces.


"Will you take things apart or put them together."


Yes, for basic assembly like putting standard table legs on is included. More complicated assembly like Ikea furniture carries an additional charge.


"Can I use the small move service just for help moving things inside my house?"


Yes, the small move service is open to anyone in the Cincinnati area that needs help with normal household items.


"Can I use the small move service for extremely large or heavy items?"


No, the small move service is only for normal household items under 250 lbs. Pianos, safes, pool tables and commercial equipment are not included.


"My store needs a delivery service, can you help me?"


Yes, we currently work with both local and national companies to provide delivery services for their customers. Just give us a call to find out more.



Whatever the problem, no matter the issue. We can most certainly help! Just give us a call and our office, and an associate will assist with any questions you have.