Cleaning up after the holiday mess


Christmas is known for the waste and mess it creates. A room full of emty boxes, wrapping paper, packing materials and more. With Christmas only a few days away we have a few tips for cleaning up or reducing the clutter after the fun of opening presents is over.

  1. Get something, give something - This is something we practice in my house. For every one present that someone in my family gets, we put two items in the charity box. If you have kids try this and you will quickly appreciate how well it works.
  2. We still have that? - If you haven't used it since last Christmas, put it in the charity box or on Craigslist.
  3. Recycle! - Manufacturers have gotten much better about using packaging and materials that can be recycled. Most of the plastic, paper and cardboard can all be recycled to make new wraps for stuff we still don't need. If you don't have access you are welcome to bring it to one of our offices and we will recycle it for you.
  4. We don't really need/want that. - Have a prime candidate for regifting? Hide it right away and get it out of the way. Get the bunny suit from Aunt Clara? After torturing the kids and amusing everyone on Facebook, put the suit directly in the charity box. Don't keep items you are never going to use again
  5. Get rid of the junkmail - Stores send out all kinds of ads, coupons, flyers and junk to get us to blow our budget during the Holiday season, The holidays are over and in a week you will be making resolutions about how much money you will save and weight you will lose. Start by going through the house and throwing all those advertisements the recycling bin.

While some ideas may seem mundane and simple, often times it's those exact ideas that keep you organized and sane during the holidays. Try small tasks like keeping specific objects in one place, or being nice to your parents and keeping that kitchen clean. Small simple tasks are still tasks that need to be done, so don't let any job go to dust!

These five easy tips will help you get a start on cleaning up your Holiday mess. If you have any to share leave a comment below!