Cincinnati Reds offer 4 pack of tickets with a ballcap

We love to help people moving to Cincinnati find fun things to do. One of the best promotions we have seen around here is the new Cincinnati Reds 4 Pack of tickets.

Basically you get a total of 4 tickets to 4 different games (Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Indians). Prices start at $28 for bleacher seats which is $7 a ticket, decent deal but nothing spectacular. Then the Reds through in a ballcap from a different Red’s era for each game. That is 4 different hats! Then on top of everything else you get vouchers for 4 free McDonald’s value meals.

Let’s review because the Reds don’t explain it well in their TV commercials. Each person gets 4 tickets to 4 different games,  4 different Reds ballcaps and 4 free value meals at McDonald’s. All for $28 per person.

Now we aren’t big fans of McDonald’s but the hats alone are worth the $28. If you like some of us who have constantly complained about the cost of a family outing to the Great American Ball Park, this is definitely a big help.

A family of three, with the online service charges,  can go to 4 games, get souvenirs and eat for about $26 a family outing. That is an awesome deal. And if you want to upgrade to better seats, it is still a decent discount.

Kudos to whoever in the Cincinnati Reds that came up with this one.

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