Cincinnati movers: Tips for Organizing Boxes

There are a variety of approaches to getting organized before the movers come. We post the best ones here on our blog.  Keeping boxes organized is obviously an important part of having a good move. There is nothing worse than arriving to your new home only to have to unpack a bunch of miscellaneous, poorly labeled boxes, and not be able to find the things you need.
Here are a few box organization tips:
1. Get some good boxes! Boxes from liquor stores or pet food stores are sturdy and usually have covers.
2. List and prioritize! Make a master list that has the contents of every box, with a corresponding number, which you also write on the box. This way when you go to look for a missing item you will be able to know where to look.
Also, label each box priority A,B, or C. Priority A is essential items, priority B is stuff in your house that you won’t need on move day, and priority C is for things going into storage at your new house.
3. Color-code by room-Use colored duct tape to seal your boxes, with a different color for each room as a handy way to keep boxes organized.

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