Cincinnati movers: Moving to-do lists

There are a number of methods people use to get organized before calling the movers. We like to post about the best ones here on our blog. The first tip that we recommend for all moves, though, is keep a list!
You may prefer to keep your list as a simple checklist with all the tasks of the next 4-6 weeks laid out on one pad, with nice little boxes to check. (Who doesn’t love checking boxes, right?)
Or you might choose to get a small binder with pockets, sleeves and pages where you can keep all of your business cards, brochures, to-do lists, and paperwork related to the move in one location.
If you prefer to use the latest technology, you can choose from a number of moving apps for your mobile device, or make your own list and have email reminders sent to you throughout each day leading up to the move.

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