Cincinnati movers: 3 secrets to a successful moving sale


Before your local move Cincinnati, you may want to have a sale to get rid of excess stuff you have accumulated at your current home. Here are some tips to have a successful sale:

  1. Advertise it well: list your sale in online classifieds such as, or in the local newspaper. Make 6-10 signs with large lettering that say the time and location of the sale. Do not make them wordy- make em bold and dynamic! Be sure to include the dates so that if the signs don’t all get taken down, you won’t have visitors next Saturday.
  2. Make it look nice! Take the time to clean and organize your sale items, and set them up in an appealing display. Hang some things up high, place some things on shelves and tables, and put some items on the ground for a multi-layered effect.
  3. Price your things low, and accept all reasonable offers. You’ll be glad you did it!
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