Choosing a mobile storage unit

As Cincinnati's #1 rated moving labor service we are often asked about the various different moving containers. They are also sometimes called "mobile storage". We thought it might help to give a break down of the various different companies.

UNITS Mobile Storage are our personal favorite. Very well constructed, use steel and aluminum. They have the track system every few feet so that you have plenty of places to tie off and you can use rope or straps with them. Lowest price but small national network.

PODS is the biggest and best known but in our opinion the cheapest construction. That doesn't matter to you as a consumer, just something we notice because we load/unload them constantly. They use eyelets for tie off which are ridiculous and useless. They are basically small steel rings at the top and bottom of the brace beams on the wall. The eyelets are spaced about 4 feet along the wall and only show up twice. Even a professional has a hard time making his walls line up just in time to use one of the only sets of eyelets so they are useless. Price is a little on the high side but they have the widest network.

ABF ReloCubes are pretty good. Metal construction but small. No tie offs but they are small enough you can make do without. They measure 6x8 so it takes about 2-3 of them to equal a UNIT. Mid price range but good network. These are great if you live in a city or congested area where a larger container can't be dropped.

Pack-Rat is good. Metal construction and comes in the standard 12ft and 16ft lengths. Their pricing seems to vary more than the others, often much higher or much lower than other quotes.

GetaSam is the same 16ft length as many others. Their construction is average and they are owned by United-Mayflower so their pricing is much higher.

Whatever your choice, find a solution that works in your budget and what you need to accomplish. It doesn't matter if a POD is the cheapest but you can't get a parking space to leave it downtown or if the ABF Relocube fits but is to small for everything in your 4 bedroom house.


At the end of the day, there really is no wrong decision about these particular storage units. The difference is preference, and which one fits the style and size you need to get your move all set and ready to roll. Just let us know what you need, we'll do our best to help.


Whatever you need, we're here to help. If you have questions about any of these mobile storage units, or other questions at all, never hesitate to contact us at our main office, 513-242-6683, and an associate will do what they can to help you to their best abilities. Even if you don't end up hiring us, we hope we were able to help, and that you have a great move!

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